Red Hat Linux 7.0

The Official Red Hat Linux Installation Guide

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Table of Contents
1. Introduction
How to Use This Manual
We Need Feedback!
2. New Features of Red Hat Linux 7.0
Installation-Related Enhancements
3. Seven Steps to Get You Started
Step 1 - Do You Have the Right Red Hat Linux Components?
Why You Should Register Your Red Hat Linux Boxed Set
No Boxed Set? No Problem!
Step 2 - Is Your Hardware Compatible?
Step 3 - Do You Need Errata?
Step 4 - Do You Have Enough Disk Space?
Step 5 - Can You Install Using the Red Hat Linux CD-ROM?
Alternative Boot Methods
Making Installation Diskettes
Step 6 - Is a Workstation-Class Installation Best For You?
What a Workstation-Class Installation Will Do
What a Workstation-Class Installation Will Not Do
4. System Requirements Table
5. Installing Red Hat Linux From Start to Finish
The Installation Program User Interface
Mouse Not Detected?
A Note About Virtual Consoles
Starting the Installation Program
Booting the Installation Program
Selecting an Installation Method
Beginning the Installation
Installing from CD-ROM
Language Selection
Keyboard Configuration
Mouse Configuration
Welcome to Red Hat Linux
Install Options
Choosing a Workstation Installation
Automatic Partitioning
Manually Partitioning Your System
Problems When Adding a Partition
Choose Partitions to Format
Network Configuration
Time Zone Configuration
Account Configuration
Setting the Root Password
Setting Up User Accounts
Selecting Package Groups
A Brief Introduction to GNOME
A Brief Introduction to KDE
Selected Features Chart
Unresolved Dependencies
GUI X Configuration Tool
Configuring Your Monitor
Video Card Configuration
Preparing to Install
Installing Packages
Boot Disk Creation
Installation Complete
6. Text Mode Installations at a Glance
Using the Keyboard to Navigate
Text Mode Boot Options
Installing in Text Mode
Language Selection
Keyboard Configuration
Choosing an Installation Method
Welcome to Red Hat Linux
Choosing an Installation Type
Automatic Partitioning
Partitioning with Disk Druid
Problems When Adding a Partition
Formatting Partitions
Hostname Configuration
Network Configuration
Mouse Configuration
Time Zone
Root Password
Creating User Accounts
Creating Additional User Accounts
Package Selection
Individual Package Selection
Unresolved Dependencies
Configuring Your Video Adapter
Package Installation
Boot Disk
Configuring the X Window System
Congratulations! Your Installation is Complete
A. Upgrading Your Current System
What it Means to Upgrade
Upgrading Your System
Customizing Your Upgrade
Selecting Packages to Upgrade
Unresolved Dependencies
Installing LILO
Configuring LILO
Alternatives to LILO
SMP Motherboards and LILO
Upgrading Packages
Upgrade Complete
B. Installing Without Partitioning
The Ups and Downs of a Partitionless Installation
Performing a Partitionless Installation
How Much Space Do I Need?
Using Disk Druid
How to Remove a Partitionless Installation From Your System
C. Removing Red Hat Linux
D. Getting Technical Support
Remember to Sign Up
An Overview of Red Hat Support
Scope of Red Hat Support
The Red Hat Support System
How to Get Technical Support
Signing up for Technical Support
Questions for Technical Support
How to Send Support Questions
Support Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: E-Mail Messages to Bounce
A: Is Not Used at This Time
Q: System Won't Allow Login
A: Old Logins and Passwords Won't Work
E. Troubleshooting Your Installation of Red Hat Linux
Trouble Booting Red Hat Linux
Trouble Booting from the CD-ROM?
Trouble Booting from the Red Hat Linux Boot Disk?
Trouble Booting from a PCMCIA Boot Disk?
Trouble Booting from a Network Boot Disk?
Trouble Beginning the Installation
Trouble Using Options Needed with a PCMCIA Boot Disk?
Trouble During the Installation
Trouble Getting the Automatic Partitioning Screen?
Trouble Creating Partitions?
Trouble Completing Partitions?
Trouble Installing Packages?
Trouble After the Installation
Trouble With the Graphical LILO Screen?
Trouble With Server Installations and X?
Trouble Logging In?