Thank you. before I begin, I'd like everyone to notice that my report is in a professional, clear plastic binder...When a report looks this good, you know it'll get an A. That's a tip kids. Write it down. -- Calvin
primary server load:3.96 4.03 3.84
secondary server load:0.72 0.36 0.36
primary server http connections:4032 (IPv6 783)
secondary server http connections:5

Current bandwidth utilization 431.65 Mbit/s (primary server)
Bandwidth utilization bar
Current bandwidth utilization 1.45 Mbit/s (secondary server)
Bandwidth utilization bar

33197.83 TB transmitted since 2007-12-20
On average 6.90 TB per day
with a peak of 33.60 TB on 2020-10-28
28.80 TB transmitted yesterday
7.43 TB transmitted today

Space Used

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