Configuring the CUPS Printing System

CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System) can be used instead of the default LPRng printing system. Some of the advantages of CUPS include:

Switching Print Systems

To use the CUPS printing system instead of LPRng, run the redhat-switch-printer application using one of the following methods:

The program automatically detect if the X Window System is running. If it is running, the program starts in graphical mode as shown in Figure 21-17. If X is not detected, it starts in text-mode.

Figure 21-17. redhat-switch-printer

If you selected CUPS, you must make sure the lpd service is stopped and the cups service is started:

/sbin/service lpd stop
/sbin/service cups start

If you selected LPRng, you must make sure the cups service is stopped and the lpd service is started:

/sbin/service cups stop
/sbin/service lpd start

Also use chkconfig, ntsysv, or serviceconf to configure your sytsem to start the cups service automatically and disable the lpd service. Refer to Chapter 8 for details.

CUPS Configuration Interface

After starting the cups daemon, open a Web browser and connect to the URL http://localhost:631 as shown in Figure 21-18.

Figure 21-18. CUPS Configuration Tool

To add a printer, click Manage Printers, and then click the Add Printer button. For more information, click the Help button.