Adding a Slave Zone

To add a slave zone (also known as a secondary master), click the Add button and select Slave Zone. Enter the domain name for the slave zone in the Domain name text area.

A new window will appear, as shown in Figure 15-4, with the following options:

Figure 15-4. Adding a Slave Zone

The configuration shown in Figure 15-4 creates the following entry in /etc/named.conf:

zone "" { 
	type slave; 
	file "";
	masters {;

The configuration file /var/named/ is created by the named service when it downloads the zone data from the master server(s).

After configuring the slave zone, click OK to return to the main window as shown in Figure 15-1. From the pulldown menu, choose File => Apply to write the /etc/named.conf configuration file and have the daemon reload the configuration files.