OpenLDAP Daemons and Utilities

The OpenLDAP package includes two daemons: slapd and slurpd.

The slapd daemon is the stand-alone LDAP daemon, which you will need to run to support LDAP.

The slurpd daemon controls the replication of LDAP directories over a network by sending changes from the master LDAP directory to slave LDAP directories. You will not need to run slurpd unless you have more than one LDAP server on your network. If you have two or more LDAP servers, slurpd will keep the various LDAP directories in sync.

OpenLDAP also includes some utilities in /usr/bin for adding, modifying and deleting entries in an LDAP directory:

With the exception of ldapsearch, each of these utilities is much more easily used by referencing a file with the changes to be made rather than typing the commands one after the other. Each of their respective man pages covers the syntax of these files.

To import or export blocks of information with a slapd directory or perform similar administrative tasks, different utilities, located in /usr/sbin, are required:


Be sure to stop slapd before using slapadd, slapcat or slapindex. Otherwise, you are risking the consistency of your LDAP database.

See the man pages for each of these utilities for more information about how to use them.