Chapter 2. Kickstart Configurator

Kickstart Configurator allows you to create a kickstart file using a graphical user interface, so that you do not have to remember the correct syntax of the file. After choosing the kickstart options, click the Save File button, verify the options you have chosen, and save the kickstart file to a desired location.

To use Kickstart Configurator, you must by running the X Window System. To start Kickstart Configurator, use one of the following methods:

Basic Configuration

Figure 2-1. Basic Configuration

Choose the language to use during the installation from the Language menu.

Select the system keyboard type from the Keyboard menu.

Choose the mouse for the system from the Mouse menu. If you choose No Mouse, no mouse will be configured. If you choose Probe for Mouse the installation program will try to autodetect the mouse. Probing works for most modern mice.

If you have a two-button button mouse, you can emulate a three-button mouse by selecting Emulate 3 Buttons. If this option is selected, simultaneously clicking the left and right mouse buttons will be recognized as a middle mouse button click.

From the Time Zone menu, choose the time zone to use for the system.

Enter the desired root password for the system in the Root Password text entry box. If you want to save the password as an encrypted password in the file, select Encrypt root password. When the file is saved, the plaintext password that you typed will be encrypted and written to the kickstart file. Do not type an already encrypted password and select to encrypt it.

Choose one or more languages to install and use after installation from the Language Support list.

Choosing Reboot system after installation will reboot your system automatically after the installation is finished.

Kickstart installations are performed in graphical mode by default. To override this default and use text mode instead, check the Perform installation in text mode button.

You can perform a kickstart installation in interactive mode. This means that the installation program will use all the options pre-configured in the kickstart file, but it will allow you to preview the options in each screen before you can continue to the next screen. To continue to the next screen, click the Next button after you have approved the settings. If you are not satisfied with the pre-configured options, you can change them before continuing the installation. If you prefer this type of installation, check the Perform installation in interactive mode button.